Molluscan shellfish depuration : 1st International conference : Selected papers. (도서, 1991) [UNH Libraries]
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Molluscan shellfish depuration : 1st International conference : Selected papers.

저자: W S Otwell; G E Rodrick; R E Martin
출판사: Boca Raton : CRC Press, 1991.
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이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중… 이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중…

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자료 유형: 컨퍼런스 간행물
문서 유형 도서
모든 저자 / 참여자: W S Otwell; G E Rodrick; R E Martin
ISBN: 0849342953 9780849342950
OCLC 번호: 749910837
내용: Perspectives. An Industry Perspective on Depuration (Robert E. Arnold). Historical Perspective on Commerical Depuration of Shellfish (Walter J. Canzonier). UNITED STATES REGULATIONS AND OPERATIONS. Depuration-The Regulatory Perspective (David Dressel and Mary I. Snyder). Current U.S. Commercial Shellfish Depuration (Ira J. Sommerset). State Monitoring and Certification for Controlled Purification (Ken B. Moore). Regulatory Requirements for Substances Added to Depuration Water: Possible "Food Additive" Status (Stephen H. McNamara). MICROBIAL CONCERNS. Epidemiology of Molluscan-Borne Illnesses (Karl C. Klontz and Scott R. Rippy). Bacterial Agents in Shellfish Depuration (Richard A. Souness and Graham H. Fleet). Human Enteric Viruses and Depuration of Bivalve Mollusks (Mark D. Sobsey and Lee-Ann Jaykus). Vibrios in Depuration (Gary E. Rodrick and Keith R. Schneider). TECHNICAL AND ECONOMICS CONSIDERATIONS. Design of Depuration Systems (Santo A. Furfari). Use of Ultraviolet Light in Depuration (Thomas L. Herrington). Enhancing Shellfish Depuration (Walter J. Blogoslawski). Routine Shellfish Depuration (John J. Miescier). Economic Considerations for Clam Depuration (Raymond J. Rhodes and Kenneth L. Kasweck). Economic Considerations for Oyster Depuration (Kenneth J. Roberts, John E. Supan and Charles Adams). RELATED ISSUES AND DEVELOPMENTS. Bacterial Evaluation of a Commercially Controlled Purification Plant in Maine (Stephen H. Jones, Thomas L. Howell and Kathleen O'Neill). Occurrence of Vibrio Vulnificus in Water and Shellfish from Maine and New Hampshire (Kathleen O'Neill, Stephen H. Jones, Thomas L. Howell and D. Jay Grimes). Design of a Bench Scale Automated Recirculating System for Use in the Development of Purging/Taste Enhancement Criteria for the Rangia Clam (Rangia Cuneata) (Kelly A. Rusch, James E. Robin and Ronald F. Malone). Container-Relaying of Oysters: An Alternative to Depuration and Relaying (John Supan). Monitoring the Accumulation and Depuration of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins in Molluscan Shelllfish by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Immunological Methods (Allan D. Cembella and Gilles Lamoureux). Depuration of Pacific Oysters (Graham C. Fletcher, P.D. Scott and B.E. Hay). Detoxification of Bivalve Molluscs Naturally Contaminated with Domoic Acid (David J. Scarratt, M.W. Gilgan, R. Pocklington and J.D. Castell). Potential of Irradiation Technology for Improved Shellfish Sanitation (John C. Mallett, Leon E. Beghian and Theodore Metcalf). INTERNATIONAL SETTINGS. A Preliminary Report of International Trade in Major Molluscan Shellfish (Myles Raizin). Canada Depuration (Dave Doncaster). An Overview of the Bivalve Molluscan Shellfish Industry and Depuration Practices in the United Kingdom (Paul A. West). The Status of Shellfish Depuration in Australia and Southeast Asia (Peter A. Ayres). Overview of the Molluscan Shellfish Industry in New Zealand Relative to Depuration (Graham C. Fletcher and B.J. Hayden). Current Production and Regulatory Practices in Molluscan Depuration in Spain (Fernando Lopez Monroy, Baldomero Puerta Henehe and Maria Jose Prol Bao). French Shellfish Industry Regulatory Status and Depuration Techniques (J. Le Pauloue, Bruno Langlais, Robert B. Poggi and J.Y. Perrot). Overview of Mollusk Industry and Depuration in Denmark with Special Reference to Oysters (Grete Ellemann). An Overview of Molluscan Shellfish Industry in Turkey (A. Alpbaz and Murat O. Balaban). Bivalve Shellfish Depuration in Italy: Background and Current Status (Walter J. Canzonier). c. 380 pp., 62 tables, 85 ISBN 0-8493-4295-3.
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