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Estuarine microbial ecology

Autor: L Harold Stevenson; Rita R Colwell; Belle W. Baruch Coastal Research Institute.
Editora: Columbia : Published for the Belle W. Baruch Coastal Research Institute by University of South Carolina Press, [1973]
Séries: Belle W. Baruch library in marine science, no. 1.
Edição/Formato   Imprimir livro : Publicação de conferência : Inglês : [1st ed.]Ver todas as edições e formatos
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Gênero/Forma: Conference papers and proceedings
Formato Físico Adicional: Online version:
Belle W. Baruch Symposium in Marine Science (1st : 1971 : University of South Carolina).
Estuarine microbial ecology.
Columbia, Published for the Belle W. Baruch Coastal Research Institute by University of South Carolina Press [1973]
Tipo de Material: Publicação de conferência
Tipo de Documento Livro
Todos os Autores / Contribuintes: L Harold Stevenson; Rita R Colwell; Belle W. Baruch Coastal Research Institute.
ISBN: 0872492818 9780872492813
Número OCLC: 650728
Descrição: xv, 536 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Conteúdos: Introduction. The estuarine ecosystem / F. John Vernberg --
Microbial and environmental transitions in estuaries / Claude E. ZoBell --
The use of selective and differential media in the analysis of marine and estuarine bacterial populations / Darrell B. Pratt and John W. Reynolds --
Isolation of myxobacteria from marine habitats in the U.S. Virgin Islands / Ellis R. Brockman --
Gas chromatographic analysis of denitrification by marine organisms / W.J. Payne --
Determination of total microbial biomass by measurement of adenosine triphosphate / Osmund Holm-Hansen --
The use of numerical taxonomy in estuarine microbial ecology / R.R. Colwell --
The application of scanning electron microscopy to estuarine microbial research / R.L. Todd, W.J Humphreys, and E.P. Odum --
The raison d'être of in situ microbial activity studies / Lawrence J. Albright and James W. Wentworth --
Distribution and activity of proteolytic bacteria in estuarine sediments / Ronald K. Sizemore, L. Harold Stevenson, and Bruce H. Hebeler --
Interactions of amino acids and marine bacteria / Carol D. Litchfield --
Utilization of dissolved organic compounds by microorganisms in an estuary / C.C. Crawford, J.E. Hobbie, and K.L. Webb --
Monosaccharide and disaccharide interactions on uptake and catabolism of carbohydrates by mixed microbial communities / Lindsay W. Wood --
Some difficulties in using 14C-organic solutes to measure heterotrophic bacterial activity / Richard T. Wright --
Salinity and temperature interactions and their relationship to the microbiology of the estuarine environment / Richard Y. Morita [and others] --
An ecological survey of open ocean and estuarine microbial populations. 1, The importance of trace metal ions to microorganisms in the sea / Galen E. Jones --
An ecological survey of open ocean and estuarine microbial populations. 2, The oligodynamic effect of nickel on marine bacteria / Edward R. Gonye Jr. and Galen E. Jones --
The oceanography of Block Island Sound. Part 1, Sampling / James E. Alexander, Rudolph Hollman, and Steven A. Fisher --
Asking microorganisms to classify their environment / E.H. Anthony and G. Vilks --
Effects of thermal effluent on the microbiology and chemistry of the Connecticut River / John D. Buck --
Ecological evaluation of an estuary receiving treated sewage effluent prior to a major flow increase / E. Charles Pilcher and John D. Buck --
Bacterial treatment of oil spills : some facts considered / Paul A. LaRock and Merrily Severance --
Environmental effects of pulp mill wastes / M.L. Quammen, P.A. LaRock. and J.A. Calder --
Methods and techniques for the isolation and testing of Clostridia from the estuarine environment / Jack R. Matches and John Liston --
Phytoplankton cycle of Goose Creek, New York / Joseph M. Cassin and John J.A. McLaughlin --
The fate of freshwater algae entering an estuary / John W. Foerster --
The in vivo measurement of chlorophyll by fluorometry / Dale A. Kiefer --
Effects of environmental stress on aquatic yeast populations / Donald G. Ahearn --
Variations in soil fungus populations in a South Carolina salt marsh / G.T. Cowley --
Fungi associated with the degradation of mangrove (Rhizophora mangle L.) leaves in south Florida / Jack W. Fell and I.M. Master --
Succession and role of fungi in the degradation of red mangrove seedlings / Steven Y. Newell --
Nematological-microbial interrelationships and estuarine biodegradative processes / Samuel P. Meyers and Bruce E. Hopper --
Interrelationships between bacteria and protozoa / Robert D. Hamilton --
Estuarine meiofauna, a review : trophic relationships and microbial interactions / Bruce C. Coull --
Bacteria as potential nutritional resources for three sympatric species of tubificid oligochaetes / K.E. Chua and R.O. Brinkhurst --
Título da Série: Belle W. Baruch library in marine science, no. 1.
Responsabilidade: edited by L. Harold Stevenson and R.R. Colwell.
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